The Private Firm is a leading provider of business formation services.

helping clients navigate the often
complicated process of forming a business

The Private Firm, recognized as a top-tier expert in the field of new business formation, specializes in the genesis and development of LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and non-profits. Our firm takes pride in having successfully formed thousands of businesses for clients both in Michigan and abroad, illustrating our dedication to delivering comprehensive and meticulous business formation services.

Our team, comprising seasoned professionals, is adept at recognizing and meeting the diverse needs of businesses at all stages of growth. We work intimately with our clients to provide unwavering, personalized support, helping them navigate their path to success. This involves assisting with the selection of an appropriate legal framework, managing the filing of essential legal documents, and more, thereby enabling our clients to focus on their core business objectives.

Our approach is a multi-pronged strategy that focuses on liability prevention, crafting tax-efficient solutions, and fostering a pro-growth, pro-business environment. For LLCs, we ensure the formulation of Operating Agreements, Articles of Organization, and Buy-Sell Agreements, as well as securing Federal Tax IDs and other requisites under the Limited Liability Act. For corporations, we handle the creation of minute books, Bylaws, Shareholder Agreements, and Buy-Sell Agreements, and other mandates under the Corporation Act.

Moreover, we also serve as the resident agent for hundreds of businesses, ranging from LLCs and corporations to non-profits and partnerships, showcasing our versatility and enduring commitment to client success.

With our vast knowledge and exceptional competence in business formation, we steadfastly guide our clients towards achieving their ambitions and scaling new heights of success. If you’re ready to elevate your business, The Private Firm is your reliable partner for all your business formation needs. Our expertise isn’t just our commitment; it’s the key to your business’s advantage.

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