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The Private Firm’s virtual office is much more than a business mailing address. Make positive impressions and win loyalty. Behind every Virtual Office is a recognized business center with professional onsite staff, meeting rooms, and office facilities. You’ll get a commercial address for your business, mail processing with forwarding options, and easy access to onsite meeting rooms for team meetings, client visits, and focused work.

Resident agent & Registered Address

The Private Firm offers an automated, digital Registered Agent (RA) platform. Providing a physical address that is open Monday through Friday, this streamlined system will receive and sign for any SOP or official notification, then notify the company of receipt.

Mail Receipt
and Forwarding

Keep your business and personal mail separate with our business mail forwarding service. No matter where your virtual office is located, a staff member will be available to receive, sort, and store your business mail until it's ready to be picked up in person or safely forwarded to you.

Business Address

Legitimize your online business and cultivate a professional image with a virtual office address. Our virtual addresses can be used for business licensing and registration as well as marketing on search engines and internet directories.


A virtual office address gives you an instant presence

Everything you expect from
a modern business address.

With The Private Firm, it’s easy to create a virtual office. Once your new office address is set up, you can select any additional services you would like for your virtual office. 

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Office?A virtual office gives your company a professional business location to do business from while allowing all employees to work remotely. It gives you the benefits of a physical office location without any of the headaches of managing or maintaining an actual office space.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?
A virtual office provides you with a physical address for your business.
While your work is all done remotely, the physical address gives you a physical location for mail and notices to be sent to and gives you the chance for more privacy and a professional business image.

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