Reese Serra

Attorney and Counselor

Attorney Reese Serra focuses his practice in Rochester in the areas of:


Reese Serra, founder of The Private Firm, is known for his unwavering focus on serving the needs of businesses and business owners. With exceptional expertise in representing successful and high-net worth individuals, Reese has earned a reputation as a highly specialized and trusted confidant in the legal realm.

Throughout his career, Reese has provided invaluable counsel to businesses across a wide range of industries, from promising startups to established publicly-traded companies. His extensive knowledge and experience enable him to navigate the intricacies of business law with precision and finesse.

As a business and litigation attorney in Rochester, Reese has consistently achieved favorable outcomes for his clients in court. He has a proven track record of securing victories in a variety of civil cases, showcasing his exceptional advocacy skills and deep understanding of legal intricacies.

Reese’s areas of expertise encompass an array of essential services for businesses. He excels in structuring and negotiating acquisitions, ensuring optimal outcomes for his clients in complex business transactions. Whether it’s facilitating the sale of a business, providing guidance to entrepreneurs in organizing new ventures, or skillfully documenting intricate commercial lending transactions, Reese’s comprehensive approach covers the diverse needs of his clients.

What truly sets Reese apart is his dedication to fostering strong and trusted relationships. By taking the time to understand his clients’ unique aspirations and challenges, Reese delivers tailored legal solutions that align with their specific goals. His commitment to providing personalized and attentive service establishes a foundation of trust and confidence between Reese and his clients.

With Reese Serra as their legal advocate, businesses and business owners gain a partner who not only possesses exceptional expertise in the legal intricacies of their industries but also brings unwavering dedication to protecting their interests. Whether you need a lawyer in Rochester for IP (intellectual property), M&A (mergers and acquisitions), or other projects, through his specialized knowledge, extensive experience, and trusted counsel, Reese empowers his clients to navigate the complex world of business law with confidence, ensuring their long-term success

Representative projects:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A):
  • Representing high-net worth individuals and businesses in complex acquisition deals.
  • Negotiating favorable terms and ensuring the protection of client interests throughout the transaction process.
  • Facilitating seamless transitions and identifying growth opportunities for clients.
  1. Business Organization, Incorporation, Restructuring and Reorganization:
  • New Business Formation and Business Planning.
  • Providing comprehensive legal counsel to companies undergoing significant restructuring.
  • Assisting with debt negotiations, operational streamlining, and strategic changes to enhance profitability.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements and optimizing business operations.
  1. Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and Enforcement:
  • Safeguarding clients’ IP rights through  trademark and copyright registrations.
  • Advising on IP licensing, infringement issues, and trade secret protection.
  1. Complex Commercial Litigation:
  • Representing clients in high-stakes commercial disputes, including breach of contract, partnership disputes, and shareholder litigation.
  • Employing strategic litigation tactics and negotiation skills to achieve favorable resolutions.
  • Advocating for clients’ interests in court and protecting their reputation and financial well-being.
  1. Corporate Governance and Compliance:
  • Advising businesses on corporate governance best practices and compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Assisting with drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, shareholder agreements, and corporate bylaws.
  • Conducting internal investigations and implementing compliance programs to mitigate legal risks.

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Reese has significant experience in drafting, preparing, and interpreting Bylaws, Corporate Minutes, Shareholder Agreements, Operating Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Profits Interest Agreements, Warrants, Articles of Organization, and Articles of Incorporation (for domestic and foreign for-profit corporations and non-profits).

Reese frequently handles disputes and litigation with small businesses, major corporations, telecommunications providers, real estate developers, lending institutions, insurance agencies, manufacturers, software and technology companies, construction trades, investment firms, and many other businesses and parties.

As a negotiator, advocate, and lobbyist, Reese has lobbied before the Michigan Public Service Commission, the Governor of Michigan, numerous Michigan state senators, and the Michigan House of Representatives. Reese has also advocated on behalf of tens of thousands of Michigan residents for important issues facing Michigan families, parents, and children.